The War of Caimber

The Adventure Begins

World Location

The party starts in the port town of Bethel, located on the eastern edge of the Caimber region. There are trade routes to the north (Mount Curadin) and southwest (Caimber’s capitol, Talis), and the Jasken Sea borders the east. There is a forest, the Deepwood, between the trade routes to the west, and the Stonehike Mountains range to the south along the coast.


Bethel consists of three districts, the Docks, the Residence, and the State. There is also a lighthouse that stands to the north along the coast while the old, abandoned lighthouse is located to the southeast.

  • Docks: Where all of the businesses/shops/inns are located, including (with owners):
    • Guarded Hearth Tavern – Doman Tam
    • Bartlett Inn – Josiah Bartlett
    • Starboard Sundries – Jorl and Marris
    • Delvin Banks Exchange – Delvin Banks
  • Residence: Where most of the people who live in town live.
    • Residents are mostly humans, but all races are common due to the traffic.
  • State: The central area of official town affairs, including (with point of contact):
    • City Hall – Mayor Grunfeld
    • Barracks – Captain Pence

The Party

The party starts in the Guarded Hearth Tavern, each there with a different reason:

Raw’r, Dragonborn Paladin – Raw’r’s mentor, Thaddius Lightbeard told him to seek out an old friend, Doman Tam at the tavern. Doman was an informant for Thaddius a long time ago, and can help Raw’r start his own travels to right wrongs.
Gimry, Dwarven Cleric – Gimry’s last dream in Mount Curadin depicted him sitting in the corner of the Guarded Hearth Tavern in nearby Bethel with a dragonborn, a human, and an elf. Doman had a weird dream about a dwarf coming into the tavern. He feels right in sitting him with his friend’s charge Raw’r.
Miri, Human Wizard – Glain, Miri’s professor at the Druun Wizard Academy, told Miri she’s heard Doman, Glain’s cousin, is always in need of good adventurers.
Grifyth, Elven Rogue – Grifyth is a local of Bethel. Doman caught him trying to break into the Guarded Hearth Tavern. Impressed with his skill, he conscripted Grifyth to join the adventuring party instead of turning him over to the authorities.



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