The War of Caimber

The First Encounter

Guarded Hearth Tavern

Doman introduces the party to each other and shows them the post board. People post jobs and want ads for adventurers on the board, along with a point of contact. Prospects can take whatever jobs they like, as long as they keep in mind that some posts may have a deadline or other urgency to them.

Doman leaves the party to greet Lieutenant Frye, one of Captain Pence’s trusted guards, as he enters the tavern.

As the party moves to get a better look at the post board, an armed warrior in a funny-looking, feathered helm takes one of the three posts down and leaves the tavern. The party takes the two remaining posts:

  • Delvin Banks posted a request to clear out his gold mine of rats. Reward to be negotiated. See him at the Delvin Banks Exchange.
  • Captain Pence posted a “Missing” flier for Clara. See Barracks.

As the group decides the next course of action, their attention suddenly turns to Lieutenant Frye noisily throwing Doman over the bar. Frye turns to the patrons and demands everyone to hand over all valuables to his men. On that cue, 5 ruffians enter, all wearing prisoner garb.

The party notices that Frye seems to be gesturing fairly wildly and sloppily, but he hadn’t even ordered anything to drink. As the rabble start to get closer to the party, combat begins.

Even with more reinforcements coming into the tavern during the battle, the group handles the troublemakers with ease. It does seem strange that the lieutenant doesn’t seem to fight with the expertise that a ranked officer would have. Unfortunately, Frye is killed in the encounter1. However, Doman tells the group that Frye left the tavern the night before with a woman headed to the State District.

The party decides to go the Barracks for more information about Captain Pence’s board post and to tell him about Lieutenant Frye.

1 First DM mistake of the game: Not allowing Miri’s killing blow to be retroactively nonlethal.



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