The War of Caimber

You're Doing What?...

The Barracks

Raw’r, Gimry, Miri, and Grifyth head over to the barracks in the State district to speak with Captain Pence. As captain of the guard, he both oversees Bethel’s defense and keeps a reign on the small prison adjoining the barracks.

The party hands him the flyer he posted about the missing Clara. Clara is a clerk for the city and for the past month, she had been an assistant the wizard Linden. Linden was an adviser to Mayor Grunfeld, but was fired for incompetence and embezzling gold for his own uses. Captain Pence was going to interview Linden himself, but unfortunately has his hands full with someone breaking out all the prisoners from their cells. He hasn’t been able to attend to Clara’s whereabouts. He does point out to the party how to get to Linden’s residence in the State district.

During this exchange, Grifyth, perhaps in a fit of payback for having been in a Bethel jail cell, sneaks around to pick the captain’s pockets2. Even under Captain Pence’s scrutiny, he manages to successfully pinch the contents of the officer’s purse and comes away with a couple gold pieces.

The group informs him of Lieutenant Frye’s actions and subsequent death. While it would explain how the prisoners were freed and where they went, the captain is confused. While he disapproved of Frye’s lechery, he was loyal to the militia. The description of his exaggerated combat style only posed more questions as well.

Linden’s House


2 The other players’ reaction to this was PRICELESS.



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