Doman Tam

Owner and barkeep of the Guarded Hearth Tavern in Bethel


Doman Tam is the owner and barkeep of the Guarded Hearth Tavern in Bethel. In his younger days, he was an informant for Thaddius Lightbeard, but never adventured himself so he could stay with his family and keep them safe. In that time, he secretly wrote the Universal Trade Writ (similar to an “Equal Rights Act”) for the town’s young Mayor Grunfeld, which greatly incorporated other races into the trade community, especially benefiting the dwarves in Mount Curadin. He doesn’t worship any single deity, but Moradin smiles upon him greatly for the trade writ and his devotion to his family.

His cousin, Glain, teaches at the Druun Wizard Academy.

Doman Tam

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